Watermelon Margarita Mix
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Watermelon Margarita Mix

Rs. 179.00 Rs. 75.00

Flavours- Sweetness of watermelon mixed with spices and it's sugar free

Cocktail Kit Includes- Freshly made premix, freshly cut garnish, a peg measurer, a stirrer, and a prep card.

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Product description

This Cocktail is light, refreshing, fruity, and the perfect summer go-to for watermelon lovers.

In this watermelon margarita, the watermelon is the star (okay, along with tequila or vodka). It's also what is used to sweeten the drink. So, the ripest, sweetest watermelon selection is key!

The best thing of all? This watermelon tequila cocktail only uses four ingredients and a few optional extras for the salted rim!

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