Whiskey Sour Mix
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Whiskey Sour Mix

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Flavours- Sour with aromatic bitters.

Cocktail Kit Includes- Freshly made premix, freshly cut garnish, a peg measurer, a stirrer, and a prep card.

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Product description

Whiskey Sour is an unconventional gentleman’s Cocktail. No egg whites are required. A balanced blend of lemon juices, simple syrup, and high-quality aromatic bitters. Enjoy this revolutionary swizzle's bar-style Whiskey Sour in just three steps - Pour, Mix and Garnish.

Contains: 0% ABV


  • 1-2 days (keep refrigerated)
  • No added preservatives & No Sodium Benzoate


  • Fresh swizzle premix
  • Fresh orange garnish
  • Shaker
  • Peg measurer(disposable)

Safety Measures:

  • UV sanitization of all groceries
  • Frequent Body Temperature Checks
  • Use of Mask and Gloves
  • Frequent use of sanitizer
*We do not deliver alcohol


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